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Farningham Mill

Farningham Village

Farningham nestles on the old London to Folkestone Road astride the River Darent about 10 miles north of Sevenoaks. 

The village is steeped in history and was in existence well before the Doomsday Survey of 1086. A walk around the Village reveals numerous notable buildings and historic sites, such as St Peter and St Paul's Church, Farningham Mill, The Lion Hotel, the site of a Roman villa and Farningham Woods Site of Significant Scientific Interest and Nature Reserve. Charles Dickens would visit the Village for the excellent trout fishing that the Darent provided and Admiral Bligh of the Bounty once lived here. The Village's fascinating and unique history are faithfully recorded 'Farningham and its Mill' which can be purchased from Wadard Books in the High Street.

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Folly, Bridge or Cattle Screen

Our unique and Listed ornamental Cattle Screen sits astride the River Darent, in the heart of the Village adjacent to The Lion Hotel. It resembles one half of a bridge and is believed to be a screen to stop watering cattle in the river straying upstream into private land. 

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Farningham Woods

Farningham Woods SSSI is one of the most valuable areas of woodland in Kent. A healthy 168 acres in size, it is home to the Small-Leaved Lime, a rare tree which is only found on one other site in Kent, and several other unusual plants, including the largest British colony of the nationally rare Deptford Pink.

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A Short walk around the Village

Produced in association with Farningham & District Local History Society this handy guide describes a short walk around the heart of our historic Village. The walk can be made in about 45 minutes at a leisurely pace.

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