Farningham Village - Traffic Calming

20th December 2021

Farningham Village - Traffic Calming

Farningham Village – Traffic Calming

As previously reported Farningham Parish Council (FPC) has been investigating various traffic calming schemes for the Village and have met with Kent County Council (KCC) who are the regulatory body for traffic issues.

Initially we are seeking parishioners' views on a proposal for a 20mph. speed limit in the centre of the Village by way of an "Informal Consultation" which is shown below.


Proposed 20 mph speed limit – Farningham Village

As your Parish Council we are seeking your views on our proposals to improve road safety through the village.

What are we planning to do?

In conjunction with Kent County Council, we are proposing a 20 mph speed limit be implemented in Farningham on London Road, High Street, Hillside, Dartford Road and part of Sparepenny Lane. A plan is included overleaf.

Why do we want to do this work?

The scheme is designed to enhance the feeling of safety within the village by helping to keep traffic speeds low. A 20mph scheme will also be in-keeping with the village environment and with its status as a conservation area.

What will the scheme involve?

To ensure this is an effective 20 mph speed limit, it would be necessary to consider ‘light-touch’ measures such as upright repeater signs and roundel road markings. There are no plans to remove any parking.

Informal Consultation

We have been working closely with Kent County Council who have requested that, as a first step, we carry out an informal consultation with residents to gauge the level of support for the proposed 20 mph speed limit.

How can you help?

Should you wish to support or object to these proposals, or if you have any other comments that you feel are appropriate as part of the consideration of this scheme, please let us know by email or post.


Farningham Parish Council, PO Box 543, FARNINGHAM, Dartford, Kent, DA1 9UT

The deadline for responses is 21st January 2022

Next Steps

We shall collate the response to the Informal Consultation and feed back to KCC. If there is sufficient support for the proposed 20 mph speed limit, KCC would then arrange for the proposals to go out to formal consultation, which will include notifications on their website, on-site notices and notices in the local paper, as well as informing statutory consultees such as the police.

Again, if the proposed scheme is favourably received, KCC will arrange for the speed limit signs and road markings to be installed.

It is anticipated that the Parish Council will need to contribute around £5,000 from our reserves to the project if it goes ahead.

A map of the proposed 20 mph. Speed Limit can be view here