Positive changes to Litter Bin arrangements in Farningham will see more large bins that are emptied more often

24th July 2020

These changes for the better were prompted by Sevenoaks District Council who will no longer be segregating the emptying of dog waste bins from other litter bins. Public litter bins can now be used for both dog waste and other litter which has, in practice, been happening for some time. Farningham Parish Council have taken the opportunity to increase the number of full-sized litter bins in the Village, whilst removing the smaller dog waste bins.

In all areas where there was a dog waste bin it has either been replaced by a full-sized litter bin, or there is already a standard litter bin within a few yards. The benefits of these new arrangements are:

·increasing the number of litter bins/opportunities to collect rubbish

·all bins will now be emptied every week - previously dog waste bins were emptied just once every two months often resulting in bins that were full and very unpleasant for all

·reducing the overall cost for the emptying of bins which is born by the Village.

As examples of the changes

·there is now a new full-sized litter bin in Sparepenny Lane, that is emptied every week, replacing the small dog waste bin that was emptied once every two months

·the dog waste bin along the Cinder Path has not been replaced, but there is a full size litter bin at the end of the path on the High Street - within a matter of a few yards

·a dog waste bin near Millfield has been replaced by a full-sized litter bin, emptied every week

·near Market Meadow/Irvings Corner where the dog bin was removed, there is a litter bin within a few feet, emptied every week

·the dog waste bin in Oliver Crescent has been removed but there are four full sized litter bins in the area again, emptied weekly.

Overall, there are close to 20 litter bins available for use in the centre of the village

It is clearly and obviously wrong (and illegal in most instances) for dog owners not to clear up after their dog and dispose of dog poo safely (if in the Village, in a bag, tied up and put in a bin) and we urge all dog owners to please act responsibly. Opportunities for safe disposal are always available within a short walk!

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