Book your space with hidden crime seminars with Kent Police

17th November 2023

Hidden crimes affect our neighbours, our friends, and our family, and we often do not recognise the signs in our communities.

Neighbourhood Watch Network is delighted to bring to you a series of special online webinars with expert speakers, delivering guidance, research and case studies on specific hidden crimes.

The webinars cover a selection of topics that are often not addressed and spoken about, but we feel that you should be aware of.

Topics covered

· Modern slavery and human trafficking – a topic which affects the most vulnerable in our society.

· Domestic violence and abuse - an objective look at how we can spot the signs and what we can do to help.

· Crimes affecting young people: Radicalisation – often a crime that does not get talked about until something happens.

· Controlling and coercive behaviour – another form of abuse that controls how a partner in a relationship behaves.

Over a four day period from Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd November, we invite you to join the conversation with us and ask questions of our independent experts.

How to book your place

If you would like to join the webinars, please either click HERE to book your place, or click on the individual webinars listed below. You will need to book separately for each of the webinars that you would like to join. All webinars will be held on Zoom.


Date and Time

Link to register

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Guest speaker from

Monday 20th November

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Book here

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Guest speaker from National Centre for Domestic Violence

Tuesday 21st November

4pm – 5pm

Book here

Crimes affecting young people - Radicalisation

Guest speaker from MET Police Prevent programme

Wednesday 22nd November

Book here

Controlling and Coercive behaviour

Guest speakers from HER Centre

Thursday 23rd November.

5pm – 6pm

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We look forward to welcoming you to our online events and why not share with others to attend. Book your space now to avoid disappointment.

Best wishes