Friends of Farningham


Our voluntary group comes together twice a month, mainly during the summer, with the aim of enhancing our beautiful village. We particularly like to keep our historic bridge and cattle screen weed free and make sure the marvellous flint wall that runs through the High Street is as well looked after as possible. Other areas we spend time on are Irving’s Corner, the quiet sanctuary between the village hall and the river, and the grounds of the village hall itself.

Plenty of clipping, snipping and sweeping goes on – nothing too strenuous but at the end of an hour we know we have made a difference.

We also do a lot of litter picking, particularly on the Darent Valley Path which runs alongside the river in front of The Lion Hotel and up onto Sparepenny Lane. Our volunteers, and those from adjoining villages, are often seen black sack in hand, walking our roads and lanes trying to turn back the tide of bottles, cans and takeaway food debris. Button Street is not forgotten and we have a couple of organised litter picks a year there.

The Coronavirus outbreak again makes it a late start to our 2021 season, our fourth, but all being well we will have regular meets on into October before putting our feet up for the winter.

We meet twice a month, on a Wednesday and Saturday, at 10am at the village hall and then decide where we will expend our energy. Some of our volunteers have specific ideas on what they would like to do and we are always open to suggestions from any of our local residents.

We can always do with an extra pair of hands –

Volunteers are advised to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes on the day and also be prepared for all weathers e.g. sun hat, sun cream, drinks and waterproof clothing and accessories. Otherwise just bring along some gloves and any small gardening tools you may use at home!

Our meeting dates for 2021 are:

Saturday, 1st May; Wednesday 19th May; Sat 5th June; Wed 16th June; Sat 3rd July; Wed 21st July; Sat 7th August; Wed 18th August; Sat 4th September; Wed 15th September; Sat 2nd October.

Further information is available from Farningham Parish Clerk Amanda Barlow 07375 062428  by contacting Friends of Farningham co-ordinator Carol Salmon on 01322 860983


Jacki and Ali, Friends of Farningham


Friends of Farningham in action!