Parish Council Meeting Dates

The Council generally meets on the first Wednesday of the month in Farningham Village Hall at 19:45. Subject to the discretion of the Chair meetings will generally adjourn at approximately 21:00 to take questions from the public for a period of no longer than 30 minutes.

The Chair respectfully requests that questions be restricted to items under discussion, or new matters arising.

Questions relating to the progress of issues currently in hand should be raised with the Clerkby e-mail or by telephone.

Meeting dates for the current year are shown below. During the present Covid-19 Emergency virtual meetings are being held on the Zoom Platform. If you would like an invitation to join the next meeting, please contact the Parish Clerk at least two days before the meeting.


Monthly Council Meetings                                                       Possible Additional Meetings 

13 January                                                                                     

3 February                                                                                       (17 February)

3 March                                                                                            (17 March)                                                                            

7 April                                                                                               (21 April)

5 May                                                                                                (19 May) 

2 June                                                                                               (16 June)

7 July                                                                                                 (21 July)

4 August                                                                                           (18 August)

1 September                                                                                   (15 September)

6 October                                                                                         (20 October)  

3 November                                                                                    (17 November)

1 December                                                                                     (15 December)


Subject to the situation with Covid-19, it is hoped to hold the Annual Parish Meeting on 7 April

Meetings will only be held on the dates shown in (brackets) if there is a pressing business need, for instance should the Council need to discuss a Planning Application ahead of a Sevenoaks District Council deadline.


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