Sevenoaks Local Plan - Cllr Laurence Ball

5th December 2023

I would like to suggest that, when you have the time, that you go to the Sevenoaks District Council Website and look at the section marked Plan 2040.

The intention is that the plan might show the way forward for our District. This is the proposed/possible way forward and the items in the document are up for discussion. You may comment on the document (which is quite hefty) and have until midnight on Thursday 11 January to do so.

Definitely of interest to residents of South Darenth and Horton Kirby - and to residents of Farningham, Swanley, Hextable and Crockenhill too - is the proposed 2500 houses plus a 30,000 seater Rugby Stadium to be built at Pedham Place.

This will effect YOU. The effect on the traffic on Junction 3 of the M25 - which is already incredibly busy - will be horrendous. Many things would need to be done in respect of infrastructure, Junction 3 (a huge upgrade that might take years), Water supply, Power Supply ( pylons may have to be moved at huge cost) and others I probably have not thought of yet! It has been suggested that a Railway Halt to Swanley could be built, but this would be grossly insufficient for this number of houses and sports fans.

Please go to the Sevenoaks District Council website, read the proposed Plan and give your opinion on the proposals. This is important as two of the proposals suggest that you vote for this Development at Pedham Place.

In Sevenoaks Town two Councillors from the ruling Town Council (not District Council) have already been encouraging local Sevenoaks Town residents to vote for the Pedham Place option. Please, if you have an opinion on this matter kindly express it on the Sevenoaks District Council Website before 12 January. 

Laurence Ball (Cllr)